Cottonelle Mega Roll (Pack of 9 Rolls), Toilet Paper Ultra ComfortCare Bath Tissue, Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Rolls with Clean Ripple Texture, Sewer and Septic Safe

  • Cottonelle Clean Ripple Texture toilet paper gets you cleaner per sheet versus the leading national bath tissue value brand, so your roll lasts longer and saves you money. Soft & gentle, Cottonelle ComfortCare toilet paper lets you be kind to your behind.
  • Cottonelle ComfortCare bath tissue with Clean Ripple Texture is safe for sewer & septic systems. Unscented & soft, our toilet paper is strong enough to keep you fresh & soft enough to keep you comfortable. Each roll lasts longer for huge savings over time.
  • Stand with Cottonelle & World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect our planet's forests & ecosystems. Cottonelle is proud of our commitment to keeping you clean and fresh while protecting earth's natural resources. Soft in the bathroom and strong in the forest.
  • Soft and strong for our ultimate in comfort. Add some everyday luxury with cushiony comfort. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is gentle on delicate skin yet strong to give your family a luxurious, effective clean. Your bathroom routine matters.
  • The softest, thickest, most absorbent Cottonelle toilet paper. Safe for sewers and septic systems with SafeFlush Technology. The cushiony soft CleanRipple Texture is designed to clean better and give your family a more soft, strong, and comfortable clean.
Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare toilet paper with CleanRipple Texture is the Softest, Thickest and Most Absorbent Cottonelle bath tissue ever. The Cushiony Soft CleanRipple Texture is designed to Clean Better and give your family a more Soft, Strong, and Comfortable clean. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare toilet tissue is not only safe for your behind, it's safe for sewers and septic systems. Choose Cottonelle ComfortCare toilet paper and experience the CleanRipple Texture Difference for yourself. For

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