Scott Bulk Toilet Paper (05102), Individually Wrapped Standard Rolls, 1-PLY, White, 80 Rolls / Case, 1,210 Sheets / Roll

  • 80 rolls per case, 1,210 sheets per roll, 96,800 sheets per toilet paper bulk case
  • Scott Bulk Toilet Paper, in 1-ply Standard Rolls, gives you the reliability of the Scott Brand clean; it's is strong and absorbent enough to satisfy your employees and guests
  • Individually wrapped Scott bath tissue rolls are protected until you're ready to use them; with the large case size, you'll order once (in bulk / wholesale) and get a lot of bath tissue
  • These toilet paper rolls are designed to fit into universal, cored roll dispensers
  • Meets EPA minimum standards (including 100% recycled fiber content) and is FSC and Eco Logo certified
Scott Bulk Toilet Paper, 1-PLY Standard Roll is a smart choice when you’re looking for practical products for your business restroom. This recycled toilet tissue is the ideal blend of terrific performance and value. Each sheet is strong, giving you a consistent, reliable experience for your bathroom guests (even in high-traffic / commercial / industrial areas). If you’re serious about being “green” or eco conscious, this best-selling Scott bath tissue fits the bill; it meets EPA standard

List Price: $ 79.25 Price: $ 77.50$ 79.25