Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser – Wall Mount or Counter Top Dispensing – Made of Bamboo

Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser - Wall Mount or Counter Top Dispensing - Made of Bamboo

  • BRING NATURE INSIDE - Bamboo's unique natural growth patterns will complement open modern workplace or neutral home interiors. It's not just for the commercial users, but you can now also enjoy the benefits of maximum efficiency, hygiene and cutting down the cost of expensive tear paper towel at your own house.
  • ACCOMMODATES VARIETY SIZES - This hand paper dispenser holds up to 150 C-Fold paper towels, up to 200 multi fold paper towels and is compatible with trifold, z-fold paper towels from Kimberly Clark Kleenex tri fold, Georgia Pacific, Tork; (paper towels Not included)
  • FREEDOM OF PLACEMENT - Dual dispensing feature allows for surface-mount to save space or countertop for convenient placement. Countertop design provides an alternative solution to easy re-positioning the paper without the hassle of latch key or simply take one from the top.
  • CUT DOWN WASTE - When holder is surfaced mounted, it conveniently dispenses paper towel one at a time to cut down on waste and guests can pull down the next available paper towel for easy dispensing; Hardware Not included
  • EASE OF USE - When placed on top of table, guests can easily reach in to grab paper towels, and with freedom to pick up countertop dispenser and move them around your home office, bathroom or hotel, your options are virtually limitless.
Stylish Bamboo Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser Made Accessing Paper Towels Easily

Grab ONE sheet at a time single-handedly when placed on the wall

Place dispenser on the desk, on any counter surface for the office, shop, kitchen

Holds up to 150 C-Fold, 200 multifold folded paper towels (paper towels NOT included)

Outer Dimensions: 11 3/7 x 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches
Internal Dimensions: 10 5/6 x 7 2/7 x 4 inches

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