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Hyba Advanced Personal Cleansing System, Starter Kit – by the maker of Quilted Northern

Hyba Personal Cleansing System – The Smarter Alternative to Wipes by Quilted Northern Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue

  • NEW! Hyba is a complete three-part system that cleans like a wipe and flushes like a tissue
  • Part 1 is a septic-safe and flushable Spritz-Safe Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue that holds up when wet, yet is luxuriously soft.
  • Part 2 is a fragrance-free Cleansing Spritz designed to use with your Spritz-Safe tissue.
  • Part 3 is a compact Touchless Dispenser that allows you to choose the amount of Cleansing Spritz that's just right for you.
  • The Hyba Starter Kit includes 4 rolls of Spritz-Safe Toilet Paper, 1 bottle of Cleansing Spritz, 1 Touchless Dispenser, and 1 stainless steel stand. You can also purchase the Spritz-Free Bath Tissue and Cleansing Spritz refills
  • Septic Safe alternative to wipes; dermatologist tested; great for potty training without using flushable wipes or dry toilet paper
With the Hyba Personal Cleansing System, the makers of Quilted Northern Toilet Paper set out to improve upon wipes with a flushable and septic safe alternative. Hyba is the future of clean—an advanced personal cleansing system that combines a touchless dispenser; personal cleansing spray that is dermatologist tested; with a specially-designed, premium bath tissue that performs when wet or dry for a more thorough clean. With Hyba, the makers of Quilted Northern Toilet Paper saw an opportunity t

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 39.99$ 39.99

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