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Drano Max Clog Remover Twin Pack, 160 Ounce

Drano Max Clog Remover Twin Pack, 160 Ounce

  • Formulated thick to dissolve the toughest clogs fast
  • Pours through water straight to the clog
  • Has an ingredient to protect pipes from corrosion. Safe for plastic, PVC, metal pipes, garbage disposals and septic systems
  • Won't harm pipes when used overnight
  • Contains no phosphorus
Unclog Your Drain with a Maximum Strength Gel Formula. Drano Max Gel pours through standing water and works fast to clear clogged drains and restore them to a free-flowing state. Safe for all pipes, it works great to remove hair, soap scum, and other gunky clogs.

List Price: $ 12.88 Price: $ 12.24$ 12.88

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