Travel Changing Pad for Baby. Easily Change Diapers on the Go! Portable Changing Station, Clutch Bag w/Waterproof Mat & Pockets for Accessories (diapers, wipes, cream). Bonus Stroller Hook. (Floral)

  • EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT FROM A PORTABLE DIAPER CHANGING STATION - Compact, simple to use and made from high quality materials. It folds and unfolds quickly, has removable storage pockets and a large, soft, waterproof changing pad.
  • GOING OUT IS FUN AND HASSLE-FREE - Keep all your diaper changing essentials on hand and organized. No need to struggle with a heavy & oversized diaper bag for a quick visit to the store to run errands. With this changing station, you'll have one thing less to worry about.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, LIFETIME WARRANTY - This clutch bag, and the changing mat inside, is made of durable, high quality materials. It will easily last from one baby to another. To back this up, we offer a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • BONUS STROLLER HOOK - In case you want to travel light, but still need to carry groceries or a purse, we have included a multipurpose stroller hook for free with every purchase.
  • THE BACKUP PROMO - As parents, we tend to forget stuff. But, when it comes to dealing with "surprises" outdoors, it is best to have a backup diaper changing clutch. TO GET 20% OFF WHEN BUYING 2 SETS, USE THE PROMO CODE "GETTME20" AT CHECKOUT!
Struggling with an oversized diaper bag that's not only too heavy but also disorganized?

Don't worry about that with Baziliq's Portable Diaper Changing Station! Keep your baby essentials organized and your infant clean effortlessly on the go!

Baziliq's bag is designed to be small; it's the size of a clutch and will fit easily under your arm or in one hand! If your hands are full, use the convenient stroller strap. Easily fit all your baby essentials in the three mesh pockets inside

Price: $ 99.00

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