BetterMAN 3-in-1 Supplement - Improves Bladder Control* Prostate Health* Testosterone Levels*. Reduces Bathroom Trips at Night* and Improves Sleep - Interceuticals (1 Pack)

  • Clinically tested whole formula with pure, natural and effective herbs.
  • Enhances prostate health and sexual stamina*
  • Reduces occasional bladder leaks, helps to regain control and confidence*
  • Reduces frequent urination during the day and at night*
  • Helps protect against excess estrogen levels
Better MAN 3-in-1 Supplement by Interceuticals What is BetterMAN? BetterMAN is a clinically tested, all natural formula that helps to improve and support bladder control, prostate health and sexual stamina in men of all ages. Since 1998 BetterMAN has helped hundreds and thousands of men to achieve a new level of confidence and satisfaction with their own sense of overall well-being. What are the Ingredients in BetterMAN? BetterMAN is a clinically-tested, proprietary formula contains 18 pure, nat

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