Drinking Water Test Kit For Municipal Tap and Well Water - Simple Testing Strips For Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Nitrates, Chlorine and More

  • ✔ Designed to provide a SIMPLE, ACCURATE and LOW-COST way to screen your water for the presence of potentially harmful contaminants.
  • ✔ COMPREHENSIVE: This test kit detects Heavy Metals (shows if there is contamination not which metals) but also tests for Bacteria and important water quality parameters that are indicators of deeper problems - Chlorine, Hardness, pH, Alkalinity, Nitrates and Nitrites
  • ✔ EASY HOME WATER TESTING KIT: You don't need to be a professional. No laboratory testing required and nothing to mail in. Get your results quickly and easily wether it's your tap, well, municipal, aquarium or any other type of water.
  • ✔ MADE IN USA according to EPA Limits: Compare your results with EPA recommendations and guidelines for water quality limits.
  • ✔ SAVE 100+ USD: testing seperately for each element at a lab would cost hundreds which is also why most people don't test every 6 months like recommended. Find out what's really in your water for a fraction of the cost.
Is your water safe? Are you sure? You'll never know unless you actually test it.

We provide a greatly informative yet affordable well water, municipal and drinking water test kit with fast results.

An outstanding contaminant list for the price includes bacteria, heavy metals (20+) and important water quality tests that are indicators of deeper problems.

-Heavy Metals Pre-Check for 20 different Heavy Metals: The pre-check will give you a simple YES or NO if there are



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