Kneipp Bath Time RX Set

  • Delight in the perfect bath experience with the KNEIPP ® ALL-ROUND FULL HERBAL BATH OIL SET in our beautiful holiday packaging. The 10 piece herbal bath oil set is a great way to try a variety of bath oil fragrances within our collection. Take this moment for yourself to forget about time and recuperate from everyday strain and stress with a bathing experience. It also makes for a perfect gift for someone in need of a moment of wellness and relaxation. After a warm bath, you feel reborn.
  • Sebastian Kneipp was the pioneer of the "Water Cure" also referred to as hydrotherapy and created sustainable treatments to care for the body and illnesses. This was how he discovered the value of plants and their massive benefits to human health.
  • Over 125 years ago Kneipp created a collection of bath products made with various beneficial plants to care for the skin and overall wellness of the human body.
  • This is the perfect bath gift set for health conscious men and women who enjoy relaxing and getting pampered.
  • This bath gift set contains a full range of bath oils so you can try our collection a bath at a time.
Transform your bath with the full remedy package of 10 x .67 fl.oz. Baths: Arnica Joint & Muscle Eucalyptus Cold & Sinus Lavender Balancing Melissa Relaxing Mandarin & Orange Stress Free (x2) May Chang & Lemon Enjoy Life (x2) Red Poppy & Hemp Pure Bliss Spruce and Pine Warmth & Energy Make Kneipp bath time a healthy ritual and soak in nature’s benefits. For a full bath, add at least half of one bottle to running bath water (97-100°F / 36-38°C). Soak for 15-20 minutes. For 1-2 full baths.

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