Hair Growth Shampoo - With Vitamins for Hair Growth - Prevent Hair Loss - Grow Hair Faster - For Women and Men - For Thinning Hair - Sulfate Free - Regrowth Support - Made in USA

  • INCREASE HAIR GROWTH: Dermachange Organic Shampoo and Conditioner will grow your hair and restore its natural fullness & beauty without striping it, drying it, or introducing deadly chemicals into your body. Sulfate free (less lather)
  • CHEMICAL AND SULFATE FREE: Sulfate Free, Paraben free, and PH balanced. You will love the way it looks and feels with your natural thicker, healthier-looking, shiny bountiful hair! We have eliminated the chemicals and potentially deadly poisons normally found in shampoo and conditioners and created amazing hair products.
  • DEEP MOISTURIZER : Restore natural moisture and treat split ends. Has humectant molecules that draw moisture direct in to your hair fibers.
  • INCREASE HAIR STRENGTH: Get fullness, and prevent hair loss. Great for color treated hair and all hair types. Restore amino acids and proteins to your hair to repair fibers.
  • ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Has raw organic Manuka Honey, aloe vera, coconut extracts, and many more. Made in a USDA certified organic lab in USA. Makes a great Xmas present.
Sulfate Free Manuka Honey Shampoo Grows Faster, Stronger, Healthier Hair What prevents your hair from growing? Your hair and scalp have a natural composition of oils, and protein, primarily keratin. Your hair also has a natural pH structure. It lies at pH 5.5 which is slightly acidic. With this pH level balanced your hair is in perfect shape to hold proteins, vitamins, and minerals for growth. We use a perfectly pH balanced formula to restructure your hair in scalp to perfect native conditio

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