MasterPieces Candy Brands Nestle - Chocolate Collage 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

  • 1000-piece puzzle measures 19.25" x 26.75"
  • Indulgingly sweet images of a variety of chocolates and candies
  • Perfect for ages 13 and up
  • This is not a Candy, this is a Puzzle.
Style: Nestle Chocolate
Product Description
This MasterPieces 19.25 inch x 26.75 inch 1000 piece Candy Brands puzzle is full of indulgingly sweet images of a variety of chocolates and candies. With Nestle and Wonka delight, both the chocolate lover and the hard candy fanatic will be satisfied by the Candy Brands Puzzle Line! This puzzle features an array of the world's favorite confections - Butterfingers, Crunch Bars, Goobers, Baby Ruths, and more! It is the perfect gift for any sweet-to

Price: $ 12.42


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