Unrefined Raw Shea Butter; Certified Organic; Best Natural Non-comedogenic Face & Body Moisturizer; Great Skin, Baby, Hair Product; Premium African Ivory Tan; 3.75 oz Low Profile BPA Free Jar

  • Very Convenient Low Profile Wide Mouthed BPA FREE JAR. 3.75 oz. Double Walled White JAR For Maximum Product Protection (This is a 4.0 oz Jar by VOLUME.) We find most of our customers want to know the weight so we label as 3.75 Oz of Actual Organic Raw Shea Butter Per Double Walled Jar that helps to Preserve & Protect your Shea Butter's Nutrients from Harmful UV light!
  • Best Natural Ingredient for DIY SKINCARE! * Best Natural Non-comedogenic (Does Not Block Pores!) Skin & Face Moisturizer! Use This Better Body Butter!
  • * REAL AUTHENTIC ORGANIC! * CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Oregon Tilth [PLEASE SEE OUR CERTIFICATE] Ensuring Your Shea Butter IS Free From Pesticides & Other Contaminants!** What's IN YOUR Shea Butter? The only way to be sure is to buy Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC Will Always List the Certifying Agency On The Label!
  • SIMPLY THE BEST! Imported from Ghana, Africa. Made from the Karite Tree Shea Nut & Extremely Rich in Vitamins A,D,E,& F -Providing Your Skin Essential Antioxidants It Needs! * For Use On Your Face, Body, Skin & Hair In Its Natural State But Is Also Fantastic As An Ingredient In Homemade Natural Products Like Soap, Body Butters, Lotions & Cremes, etc.
  • * BUY NOW! Limited Qty! * Get Your JAR NOW! * Beautifully Packaged In a In An FDA Registered Facility!
One (1) 3.75 Low Profile Jar | Now You Can Buy The BEST PREMIUM & REAL Organic SHEA BUTTER ~ RAW, Unrefined, & Virgin! ***REAL CERTIFIED ORGANIC!*** YOUR Skin Absorbs Up To 60% Of What YOU Put On It! ...So Be Sure You Buy Real CERTIFIED Organic Shea Butter!! WHAT IS IN YOUR SHEA BUTTER?
Is It REALLY Organic? Premium & Pure ORGANIC Raw African Ivory Shea Butter from Perfect Body Harmony Provides Moisturizing Revitalization Your Face, Body, Skin & Hair Needs!* √ Contains essential fatty



Great Deal

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