Mount Huashan The Extreme Hiking Destination

A hike to the peaks of Mount Huashan will keep even the most experienced adrenalin junkie’s blood pumping for days.

Considered as one of the most difficult and dangerous hiking trails in the world, it continues to beckon adventure seekers to its peaks for the sheer experience of overcoming the perilous challenge of conquering its summits.

Mount Huashan is located in Shaanxi Province, China. It towers right up to the gates of heavens, looming over low hanging clouds. It is a five-peak mountain that resembles the shape of a flower. Considered holy by Chinese locals, its embankments are home to several beautifully constructed Taoist temples that date back to the emperors of old. Monks and pilgrims are occasionally found along the steep trails of the mountain on a pilgrimage trip to these temples.

The five peaks