Fun Land 12 Animal Coloring Books and Crayons, 12 Jungle Zoo Stampers, 12 Zoo Animal Stickers, Party Favor Set (1 Dozen of Each )

  • Animal zoo set includes 12 Mini zoo animal coloring books, 12 crayon boxes, 12 zoo animal stampers, and 12 zoo animal stickers.
  • 20 pages in each mini coloring book with dimensions of 3½ X 2½ inches and 4 crayons per box. 3 ½ inch crayons.
  • 12 zoo safari stampers, 4 different animal styles and assorted colors.
  • 12 Make a zoo animal sticker sheets, with dimensions of 6 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch. Octopus, Shark,Clown Fish, and Turtle Sticker Styles.
  • Perfect party favor set for birthday parties, children's events, and summer fun for boys and girls from 5+ years.
Kids get to express their creativity with this zoo animal set. This set includes a dozen coloring books, crayon boxes, stamps, and creative zoo animal stickers. With this zoo set children have the opportunity of bringing out their own potential. This set is perfect for boys and girls from ages 5+ years for all jungle parties, birthday parties, zoo trips, and events. With the 12 coloring book, 12 crayons, and 12 stamps a child has the opportunity to decorate the coloring book with the animal stam

Price: $ 11.99

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