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4 Strategies for Reviewing a Mortgage Policy

Taking out a mortgage loan is a major endeavor. Whether your mortgage will be for a residence or for a business, the process can be complicated and involved. Careful research while choosing a loan and keeping on top of your mortgage policy during the lifetime of the...

Critical Components for a Capital Cabin Caper

Sometimes, a rustic getaway is what you need. Spending time in a cabin often challenges you in new ways, and if you've never stayed in a cabin, you may be unsure of what you need to bring. Here, we'll go over some of the key things to bring along on your cabin stay....

How to Cut Your Energy Costs at Home

When it comes to running an energy- and budget-friendly home, what and how you use certain features makes all the difference. Families, more than ever, are aware of the harmful carbon footprint homes leave every single day. Along with that concern, they are also...

What to Keep in Mind When Teaching Your Teen to Drive

It's something you knew was coming but were never really prepared for: the day you begin to teach your teen how to drive. Understandably, this can be one of the most exciting yet challenging times in both of your lives, so it's necessary to get things right. As you...

What to Know About Renting a Boat on a Family Vacation

If you are planning a family vacation near the Florida coast, you may want to consider renting a boat as part of the fun. Taking a boat to go water skiing, fishing or exploring for a great swimming spot can bring hours of fun while on a holiday. Here are some ideas...

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$10.00 your 1st purchase with Amazon Prime Pantry!

Amazon Prime Pantry is offering $10 off a $40 purchase for new Prime Pantry members! This is a TERRIFIC deal! You might be asking yourself, what is Amazon Prime Pantry? What about shipping?

Add at least $35 of eligible Pantry products and Prime members get free shipping. There will otherwise be a $5.99 shipping fee applied for Prime member orders under $35. Non-Prime shoppers will have a $5.99 shipping fee on all orders. They even have pantry items that have clickable coupons for you to add to the cart! You can’t beat that!

I LOVE using Amazon’s Prime pantry for shipping “goodie boxes” to my son in Calif. I can fill up his box with all sorts of things!! And since I’m a prime member, shipping is FREE!

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