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Arty Crafty Wood Stamps Cloud Pattern Printing Blocks - DIY Henna Fabric Textile Paper Clay Pottery Block Printing Stamp

  • L-4.4 x W-1.4 x H-0.9 Inches (11.2 x 3.6 x 2.3 cms)
  • Make block prints on fabric, paper, clay, pottery, school projects
  • Make tattoo body adornments | Use as decorative drawer knobs
  • Sponge, foam, brush, henna, color or accessories NOT included
  • Royal Kraft™ Creative Fun Gift Idea for all ages | Read Description for more
1. Make temporary henna tattoos on palm & hands.
2. Make block prints on fabric, paper, clay, pottery, scrapbook.
3. Make school & college projects and painting homework.
4. Make block prints on fabrics like covers, sheets, clothes.
5. Make drawer knobs & table tops (fitting not included)

1. Layout fabric or paper on foam sheet or sponge board.
2. Spread color on wooden blocks using sponge piece.
3. Place blocks on paper or fabric and appl

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