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Although many people see their grocery budget go down when they decide to eat a plant-focused diet because they are not spending money on expensive meats, there can still substantial costs with a vegetarian lifestyle if you are investing in meat alternatives. Here are four ways that you can save money on vegetarian options.

Meat Replacements

While today’s meat replacement options taste better than ever before, they are also getting more costly. Limiting your intake of meat replacement options can save you a lot of money in your food budget. Instead of focusing on pre-prepared meat replacement for your main entrees, be sure to consider options such as seitan, soy options like tempeh, lentils, and beans to replace premade meat replacements. While meals do not need any dish to mimic a meat to be filling, it is a popular option for those going veggie for ethical and environmental reasons.

Adding More Veggies

The cornerstone of any solid vegetarian diet should be an abundance of fresh vegetables. Buying seasonal vegetables enables you to get many fresh ingredients for a low cost. Making a conscious effort to add more vegetables to your diet will increase the bulk and help you to get in crucial nutrients. You can save money by growing your own garden. It does not have to be anything large or elaborate. A little bit will go a long way when you are planting your own food.

Specials When Eating Out

While eating out can be a budget buster if you are not careful, there are also a host of deals to be found if you choose wisely. There are many veggie options at fast food popping up with the ongoing race between brands to have the best plant-based burger, but these are often several dollars more expensive than traditional burgers. Be sure to check out the daily specials when eating out at restaurants. These are often where you can find the most affordable options. You can also be creative with your meal choices to save money. Not every restaurant has specific vegetarian options, so you may have to adjust existing non-vegetarian options to fit your dietary needs. For example, while not everyone likes vegetarian burgers, pizzas have a multitude of vegetable topping options that make it easy to find something.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can be easier as a vegetarian than a traditional omnivore because you do not have to worry about as many expiration dates or about meat cross-contamination while cooking. Staples that you should buy in bulk so that you always have on hand include rice, pasta, beans, and lentils. Other things you may consider always keeping on hand is nutritional yeast, and frozen and canned vegetables. Once you learn that it is easy to cook creatively with these options, you will find that you are saving an abundance of money. Warehouse stores are a great resource for good deals on these types of products.

Being a vegetarian does not have to be an expensive lifestyle choice, in fact it is often much cheaper than an omnivore diet. With the right choices, you can improve your health while also boosting your budget. Look at our grocery deals to start stocking up on the dry goods veggie essentials today.