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Sometimes, a rustic getaway is what you need. Spending time in a cabin often challenges you in new ways, and if you’ve never stayed in a cabin, you may be unsure of what you need to bring. Here, we’ll go over some of the key things to bring along on your cabin stay.

Food and Drink

In many cabins, your ability to prepare food is somewhat limited. Unless the cabin is equipped with modern appliances, you’ll probably have a wood-burning stove. Many cabins also have small outdoor grills. As for water, many cabins depend on wells. According to Brown Well Pump, well water is typically delivered via one of two types of pumps. Before you go, check to see if the water is safe to drink—if it isn’t, you may need to boil it first.

What foods you bring depends largely on personal taste, but bringing food items that taste delicious and are easy to prepare is a good idea. Burgers and grilled vegetables are an easy and tasty choice, as is a classic bacon and egg breakfast. Brainstorm with your group to choose fun foods to bring along.

Activity Supplies

While a cabin is a great place to spend a getaway, you probably won’t want to spend all your time cooped up inside. Hiking is one of the most popular activities people do when staying at cabins. Make sure you bring sturdy hiking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and a way to bring any food and water you may need on the trail.

If you’re staying somewhere near water, according to Reserve America, fishing and boating are two other activities you might want to pack for. And since many cabins are near road bike and mountain bike trails, bringing your bike may be a good idea. In winter, you might want to pack skiing or snowshoeing gear to let you explore the outdoors.

Fire and Safety Supplies

If you’re staying in a rustic or primitive cabin, according to Chalet Village, you’ll need a few extra supplies. If your cabin has a fireplace or wood stove, be sure to bring firewood. A few flashlights can be helpful when navigating at night. And since many cabins don’t have dish soap or towels, bring these. It’ll make washing dishes faster and easier.

A cabin getaway gives you a break from everyday life and lets you take time to recharge. By planning your visit and bringing everything you need, you’ll ensure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

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