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You’ve been planning for the long-awaited getaway. Destination, schedule, and itinerary are coming together. Saving money while you’re at it would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Here are a few suggestions to help you plan the financial side of your vacation.

Use Credit Cards

The piggy bank image often comes to mind when people talk about saving for a vacation. However, the reality is that most people use a debit card or credit card to pay for reservations, meals and activities while on vacation. Many times, cashback and travel service options make credit cards especially beneficial for travelers. Some of the travel perks are standard features of regular credit cards. For example, many credit cards provide car rental insurance for cars rented with the card. Additional travel services are offered by travel-specific credit cards.

Rent a Smaller Car

For a road trip, it’s a great feeling to load everything into a clean, shiny rental car. It will be tempting to opt for the cargo space and legroom offered by a vehicle that’s larger than yours. But, it’s worth considering that many smaller, more efficient cars provide significant fuel savings. Economy cars can typically have a fuel economy of 35 mpg or even better. By saving money on your rental car, you can have more money in your travel budget for additional activities, pricier food, or even just to save for later. If you and your family can make a smaller car work, by the end of the trip you’ll be happy with your savings.

Plan Ahead for Tourist Attractions

When you choose your destination, start planning for the meals and attractions you’ll be enjoying on your trip. Plenty of online coupons and discounts are available to save you money if you plan ahead. Many vacation memories will be found in the new places you go and the favorite places you revisit. Look for a visitor’s center website for the area where you’ll be vacationing, and plan some activities before you go. Read a travel blog and find a blogger who’s been to the places you’re going. This can give you inside information on some of the attractions you’ll want to visit, and you can look for deals and discounts before you go.

Traveling will provide you and your family with rich experiences and special memories. Saving money on your vacation gives you the extra bonus of making it possible to do more of what you love. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great time.