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It’s good for your children when you involve them in activities that make your household run smoothly. Chores can boost a child’s confidence and teach him or her how to perform tasks he or she will need to know in the future. Here are a few great ways to get your kids to help take responsibility around the home.


Sit down with your child sometime during the week, and design a meal plan together. Let your child choose what meals to cook from this list, so he or she will have responsibilities in the kitchen. This helps your child learn about nutrition and meal prep at the same time. According to Noonan Law; In order to protect your family, kids should be careful in the cooking zone and should not play near or around the oven. Give your child cooking duties that are age-appropriate, and add more as your child becomes ready for them.


Laundry often feels like a never-ending chore, so get your kids involved to help. Even very young children can sort clothes into light or dark piles. They can then learn to fold their own laundry and put it where it belongs.

Teach your child how to use the washer and dryer when he or she is ready. Explain what settings to use and what water temperature works best for each load. Once your child knows all the steps, you won’t have to do his or her laundry any longer! He or she can even help wash towels, dish rags and sheets to lighten your load.

Yard Work

Being outside is great for children for a variety of reasons. Help your child spend more time outside by assigning him or her chores in the yard. Kids can eventually graduate to mowing the yard, but there are plenty of other things they can do when they are still too young for that chore.

Have children pull weeds, plant flowers or seeds and tidy up the yard when it starts to get cluttered. Kids can also water gardens and help rake leaves in the fall. This allows them to be physically active and learn the importance of nature in their lives. Kids are often less reluctant to work outside than they are to be stuck indoors, so yard work may be a responsibility that receives fewer complaints.

Common household tasks can be split between the whole family. Don’t forget to get your kids involved when possible.