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All of us are constantly looking to save money, and the internet is replete with advice and hints that allow you to find ways to save a small fortune. While this advice can sometimes feel overwhelming, there’s good news: Saving money on household items really isn’t all that hard, and there are plenty of ways you can do just that.

Do It Yourself

Thanks to the advance of the internet and a slew of “do it yourself” websites, you can make a variety of household goods at home. For example, in order to save money while doing laundry, you can make homemade detergent. Instead of buying water bottles, get a reusable thermos and fill it at home. Don’t buy vegetables at the grocery store – grow them in your garden at home. Whatever you are looking to buy, if you have the time and the talent, see if you can’t make them on your own.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way of saving money. You will need storage space to store excess goods, good organizational skills and potentially a membership at a warehouse club, like Costco or Sam’s Club. However, it can be well worth it in the end. Furthermore, remember, there are plenty of websites that offer you discounts on subscriptions or bulk purchases. In other words, the discounts that come from buying in bulk are not just limited to brick and mortar purchases.

Purchase Gift Certificates

Believe it or not, there are websites that allow you to purchase discounted gift certificates. Here’s how this works: You find a store that you use regularly, and buy a gift card at a discounted rate. You can then use that gift card at the store, saving you a good chunk of money if you make regular purchases. You have to make sure that the card you buy works, but most of these websites have money-back guarantees. This is free money that is literally just waiting for you to use.

When it comes to saving money, more often than not, it’s not about finding one item and saving a small fortune. It’s a matter of saving small amounts over extended periods of time. This means that you really have to pay attention to your finances and grab opportunities as they arise. With hard work and a savvy eye, you can save a lot of money on your household purchases.