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Taking a road trip with the family can be an awesome way to see more of this huge, diverse country we live in. Road tripping is also one of the best ways to vacation on a budget — if you’re smart about it. By planning ahead you can take your family on a fun road trip without breaking the bank. Here are three things to keep in mind so you can travel on the cheap.


When you’re on a road trip, fuel will be a big part of your overall spending. It’s helpful to use an app to find cheap gas near you so you can save money any time you need to fill up at the pump. Have a safety check performed on your vehicle to reduce unexpected emergencies. Keep in mind that some roads you travel on may require you to pay a toll road fee. Check out your planned route ahead of time to be aware of any tolls that need to be paid.

Snacks and Meals

Traveling with kids can mean stopping a lot for meals and snacks. Be sure to pack a cooler with plenty of drinks for the family and keep it easily accessible. Keep a full snack bag with your kids’ favorite snacks and some fun surprises of snacks that they don’t normally get at home. Some good snack ideas include fruit gummies, juice boxes, yogurt tubes, jerky, applesauce pouches, crackers, and granola bars. If you really want to save you can pack sandwiches for a road trip picnic at an interesting park or another outdoor spot on the way.

Affordable Activities

Road tripping allows you to stop at a lot of different attractions. Whether you’re into history, outdoor fun, museums, or sports, being on a road trip with your kids means you can take in the sights of all the areas you pass along the way. Before you leave for your road trip get activity ideas from everyone in the family and use those to plan stops on the way. Be sure to leave time for impromptu stops if you see something unexpected.

A road trip with the family can be affordable and fun if you prepare ahead. Have your car checked for safety and be aware of tolls along the way. A well-packed snack bag and loose itinerary will give you the freedom to enjoy the trip without the stress of finding food and activities.