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4-IN-1: This play gym helps baby grow from newborn to active toddler with : TUMMY TIME – work on raising the head and tummy with the bolster pillow and mirror , OVER HEAD PLAY: track objects and eventually grip them with changeable linking toys, SIT & PLAY: sit without support and play with toys and teether, TODDLER BALL PIT

TAKE WITH YOU FEATURES: This gym includes 5 linkable toys including a teether that can be re-positioned on the gym or linked to strollers & car seats for on-the-go entertainment. Toys include different colors, shapes and crinkles to help baby’s cognitive growth

VERSATILITY: one of the best parts of this activity gym is the ability to move toys around to different spaces allowing baby to experience more fun and new challenges! The gym, large mirror and bolster pillow all have links on them for the toys to be switched on and off

ULTIMATE FUN: Includes 40 balls for even more play options

EASY STORAGE SPACE: Stay clean and organized with this activity gym’s cute storage sloth to pack the balls away

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