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WASHING MACHINE PET HAIR REMOVER – dissolves pet hair in high heat front loader washing machine wash cycle (185-200F)

LEAVES YOUR WASHING MACHINE HAIR-FREE & SPARKLING CLEAN – Pet hair dissolves in the washing cycle and washes away, leaving the washing machine drum, filter and drains clear and hair-free

EASY TO USE. Simply place a sachet of Vamoosh into the washing machine (use 2 sachets for hairier loads), run your hottest longest cycle then dry as normal

TOP TIPS: Use 2 sachets the first time you use Vamoosh on a particular item or where there is a large amount of bedding or hair. Ensure that you use a hot washing cycle (185+ F) in order for the Vamoosh formula to work. Do not over load machine.

SINGLE CARTON – 1 box of Vamoosh (containing 3 sachets of Vamoosh

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