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UPGRADE DESIGN: Unlike the gum wipes or finger toothbrush, these new swab-style disposable brushes can easily reach every part of your baby’s mouth with a flexible paper handle. Ultra soft and all-round brush head makes cleaning a breeze and efficiency.

OPTIMAL BABY ORAL CARE: With this soft baby tongue cleaner, gently rub your baby’s gums and tongue after each feeding to remove any remaining bits of milk and food, protecting against tongue coating, future cavities, thrush, and gum disease.

MAKE BABY ENJOYING: Massage your baby’s gums and lessen the discomfort as teeth start to erupt. Begin early with this delicate tongue brush to develop good oral hygiene habits for babies and infants.

SAFE TO USE: CPSIA Certified. Made of 100% medical skim gauze. Sewed with double stitched tightly around the brush head, there is no risk of falling apart even baby bites or chews on it.

INDIVIDUAL WRAPPED: Each baby gum cleaner comes with individually vacuumed sealed. They’re ready to use and you can keep a few in your purse or diaper bag and use it wherever you are.

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