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Work through short backouts and maintain a network connection / save files safely during longer blackouts : 1500VA / 900W Smart LCD Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides up to 11.8 min of half load runtime / 4.4 min of full load runtime

8 outlets protect small servers, desktops & all peripherals: 8 outlets provide ups power backup & surge protection (for small server, desktop, monitor, lcd, network workstation, audio/video components, media center, keyboard, external hard drive, wireless router, iot device)

Avr corrects brownouts & overvoltages without using battery power: Otherwise known as automatic voltage regulation, this conserves battery power for critical blackouts; also features tel/dsl/ ethernet protection

Ups housing material: Abs; Free management software: USB port & free software enable unattended system shutdown and power management; High 98 percent efficiency in line power mode

3 year warranty, $250,000 insurance: 3 year limited warranty and $250,000 ultimate lifetime insurance for connected equipment

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