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RV Electrical Protection: Protects your RV from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (<102 VAC) voltage levels as well as power surges

Auto Connect/Disconnect Feature: Automatically disconnects from dangerous conditions and reconnects after normal operating conditions have been restored

Diagnostic LEDs: Provide indication of faults when you connect your electrical cord to the power pedestal

Protects Against Wiring Issues: Protects against faults for reverse polarity, open neutral, and other wiring issues

Integrated Surge Protection: Up to 4, 200 Joules

50-Amp: 50-Amp male (NEMA 14-50P)/50-Amp female (NEMA 14-50R)

PowerGrip Handles: Contoured grips make plugging and unplugging easier

Weather-Resistant: Withstands adverse weather conditions when installed in the upright position

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