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【Festival Atmosphere】 American element tattoos can be used as decorative accessories for National Independence Day and patriotic events. You can stick them on your legs, waist and arms to increase the festive atmosphere and bring more fun.

【Various Fashion Designs】 Tattoo stickers provide a variety of patterns, including flags, eagles, stars, hats, fireworks, medals and other patterns. There are many styles for you to choose. The classic red, white, and blue colors match the national flag simply and stylishly.

【Applicable Occasions】 Exquisite temporary tattoo stickers can be used to create Independence Day, Memorial Day, American patriotic themed parties, parades, and sports meets. It can also be glued on notebooks, furniture and other items as decoration.

【Durable and Waterproof】 Temporary tattoos can last for 3-5 days, depending on the number of times you scrub the tattoo with soap and water after the shower. It is easily rinsed with water within 10 to 20 seconds, and is easily removed by alcohol or body oils and olive oil.

【Product Information】 The size of each sticker is 10x8cm/3.9×3.1inch, and each set has 10 tattoo stickers.