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💕 [2-in-1] You have a unique opportunity to try 2 different types of patches! There are two kinds of under-eye patches in one package of this produсt: blue and pink ones. Each type of under-eye gel pads is beneficial in its own way, but both of them provide a powerful anti-aging effect

💕 [Collagen + Carrageen] Two types of ‘Shine is’ patches can provide you with double benefits. Blue under-eye gel pads contain collagen that has a rejuvenating effect, reduces wrinkles, and helps your skin produce its own collagen. The key ingredient of pink patches is carrageen (Irish moss seaweed extract) that boosts skin elasticity, nourishes it with natural minerals, and promotes dermal regeneration.

💕 [Vitamin complex+] Dual action patches are renowned for their powerful innovative formula. They are rich in vitamins that provide a number of benefits for your skin. Vitamin C eliminates dark under-eye circles, stimulates collagen and elastin production, decreases wrinkles, and makes your skin smooth. Vitamin E lifts your skin, restores its elasticity and firmness, and lightens black eye-rim. It also deeply moisturizes the skin around your eyes and helps you get rid of tired eyes.

💕 [Strong anti-aging effect] ‘Shine is’ patches efficiently fight biological aging and reduce the aging effects of UV rays. Our under-eye patches increase collagen synthesis and significantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin, and other unpleasant signs of aging. You will be able to forget about tired eyes and baggy lower eyelids. Your skin will become fresh, tight, youthful, and very good-looking!

💕 [Easy-to-apply] ‘Shine is’ patches are easily attached to the area under your eyes. They are impregnated with a special gel that helps them stay firmly in place. Under-eye gel pads don’t slide around and cause absolutely no discomfort during application.

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