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“#1 SWADDLE” NY TIMES: Rated America’s best baby swaddle, our SNOO Sleep Sack was designed by top pediatrician and world’s leading hip-safe swaddling expert, Dr. Harvey Karp.

100% ORGANIC COTTON: Made from luxuriously soft organic cotton with special wings that attach to our SNOO Sleeper Bassinet. Includes extra-quiet Velcro for escape-proof security and 2-way zipper that opens top or bottom for easy diaper changes.

MORE INFANT SLEEP: Our baby swaddle sleep sack prevents startles and boosts babies’ sleep quality with a special inner band that gives the snug embrace your baby boy or girl loved in the womb. Arm openings can unsnap to allow for arms out. Great transitional swaddle for moving to crib with arms free independent sleep training.

“5-SECOND BABY SWADDLE”: The Happiest Baby Swaddle is the easiest, safest, fastest, escape-proof baby swaddle wrap. It promotes self-soothing and keeps babies sleeping longer than other swaddles.

BREATHABLE TO PREVENT OVERHEATING: Soft mesh windows and opening at shoulders and waist of baby warp reduce overheating. More secure and comfortable than other swaddlers, blankets, or baby sleepers.

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