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Adams 1099 MISC Tax Kit gives you everything you need to report miscellaneous income for 12 recipients; includes 5-part 1099 MISC forms, peel and seal envelopes, 3 1096 & Tax Forms Helper Online

As of 2020, you’ll use revised Form 1099 MISC solely to report miscellaneous income to the IRS & recipients including rents, royalties & other income payments

White 5-Part 1099 MISC forms print 2 to a page on 6 micro perforated sheets with copies A, C, B, 2 & C; includes scannable red ink copies required for paper filing

Includes a year’s access to Adams Tax Forms Helper Online—the seamless, quick and easy way to prepare Adams tax forms; QuickBooks and accounting software compatible

For paper filers, 1099-MISC Copy B is due to recipients by FEB 1, 2021 (if box 8 & 10 are empty) or FEB 16 (if filled); Copy A & 1096 must mail to the IRS by March 1, 2021; or e-file by March 31, 2021

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