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💧[Size] 24 Rolls / 725.38 SQ Feet (67.39m2) / 237, 3-ply tissue paper sheets per roll / 4.49 IN x 4.09 IN (11.4 CM x 10.3 CM). Large toilet tissue size 4 IN x 4 IN.

💧[Absorbent & Durable] 3X thicker. 3X more absorbent. While other brands are downgrading to 1-ply toilet paper, we’re still providing 3-ply toilet paper strength.

💧[Soft & Lint-Free] Super soft, plush, yet durable tissue paper that lets you use less toilet tissue. Lint-free so there won’t be any residue or bath tissue left behind.

💧[Septic Free] Flushable toilet paper that’s safe for standard septic and sewer systems. Quickly dissolving in drains but stays intact in your hands.

🌎[Eco Friendly] Our unbleached, Rainforest Alliance Certified Paper produces a 100% natural pulp toilet paper. Every wipe creates a better future for our planet.

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