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When you get a holiday bonus, it can be tempting to spend it on something functional and boring. However, your holiday bonus can be a great opportunity to do something fun with your family. Choosing the right thing to do with your bonus this year can make this holiday season extra special!

Home Improvements

Home improvements may not seem like the most fun way to spend your holiday bonus, but the right changes can make your home a more fun place to do. Try updating your kitchen, living area, or bedrooms, whatever spaces you and your family spend the most time in. Great updates in these rooms can bring added fun to your home for years to come. Choose a few easy projects to work on with your kids and you can all feel involved in the renovation process. Your home is where you spend a lot of your time, so making it a more exciting place to be can make your life so much more fun.

Take a Road Trip

A family road trip can be a great way to spend your holiday bonus and have an exciting adventure with your family. Any road trip can be fun. But getting off the standard highways and checking out scenic roads like Route 66 can make your adventure even more exciting. The historic Route 66 spans over 2,000 miles from Los Angeles to Chicago.

For a great road trip, start with a flexible plan, great snacks, and manageable stretches of driving. Especially when road tripping with kids, having good stopping places and yummy treats can make a huge difference.

Spend Some and Save Some

Finding a way to balance fun now with savings for the future can help you use your bonus effectively while having a good time now and being prepared for the future. Choose something that will be fun for the whole family to do now and choose a savings goal that will be fun for everyone in the future. That will help you make the most out of your bonus while also planning for something great to look forward to.

You deserve to have some fun with your end of year bonus, but it can also help you build a safety net and prepare for the future. Find great balance with your holiday bonus by having fun with your family and making solid choices for your future.

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