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If you’re like the rest of America after a long lockdown, summer is looking good this year. You probably want to get out and find a pool, beach, lakefront, or other water area as quickly as possible. Whether you’re all about sunny sands or comfort by chlorine, your family wants to have as much fun as possible while relaxing. What can you do to make sure your next family pool outing is amazing?

Safety First

Before any other thing, you’ve got to make sure your family is safe while in the water. This includes having designated lifeguards, using safety equipment when needed for young swimmers, and using sun protection! If you have young swimmers or older family members who are not swimming as well as needed, getting swimming lessons is a must. Their awareness that it’s important to be careful around water is critical to their safety, and your relaxation. Water safety is a top priority during swimming lessons, which can give you and your children the tools you all need to stay safe.

Fun Water Games

It’s easy for kids to have developed a dependence on devices during a long quarantine. Being faced with a large pool is both exhilarating and confusing. While you want your kids to play by themselves, it’s great to introduce some fun games they can learn, so they can practice playing together. Something as simple as having water pistols that refills from the bottom, which can be opened into the water for continual “ammunition”, and a floating target, can be a blast for all ages!

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Everyone has done it- the accidental extra toasty day at the pool! Prepare ahead with several tools which can help. Your first is a high-dose sunscreen, which you can ensure that all have both on, and rubbed in, in advance. The addition of a children’s chewable aspirin is protection against pain after, but it won’t protect the skin from damage. To do that, you need to have a reminder alarm to reapply, of course! This is a perfect time to distribute snacks.

Your pool fun can continue all summer long, safely and happily, with just a little advanced preparation. Add a bag of snacks and some goggles, and you’re all set! Pretty soon your little swimmers will be begging to be in the water far more than they beg screentime!

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