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You may find your career enjoyable for many reasons. If, however, flexibility is something that you also value but do not find in your current work situation, you might want to consider pursuing a career that does allow for a more independently run schedule. Web design, real estate, and tutoring are each jobs that you as the contracted worker can schedule all on your own, adding that element of flexibility you may want in a rewarding career.

Web Design

If you have an eye for aesthetics and organization and the mind to handle some basic programming, web design may be a perfect fit. Companies in this day and age require an online presence to be accessible at all to customers. Your skills as a web designer can provide companies with the effective website they need to be successful and to run their business well! Businesses may contract you for help in building, revamping, editing, or fixing bugs on their websites. As a contracted position, you determine the rates and hours you work and can do so from the comfort of your own home.

Real Estate

If you are a confident salesperson, real estate is a perfect opportunity to utilize your skills and help families or individuals find their ideal living space. This is another job where you are hired to advise and guide, meaning you can establish the price of your services and the availability of your time. Not only is the scheduling flexible, but getting your real estate license is a flexible process too! Real estate courses tend to require several hours of your time, but many can be completed online. These classes are available everywhere, and overall don’t take much time to get through.


“Tutoring” is a loose word for any kind of one on one teaching, instructing, or guiding of students of all ages. If you have a skill or subject that you excel in, share that gift by helping to foster it in others! Having a single teacher who is passionate about their subject and is encouraging of others is an invaluable help to a student wanting to learn anything. Whether you’re helping them pass basic algebra or guiding them through French conjugations, your instruction is a key part of their educational development. And, because this is a specialized service you offer, you get to make the rules! They will tailor to your availability and you can establish value for your work.

If flexibility is something you’re seeking in a career, consider one of these jobs or others in similar fields. You will find that being your own boss is a rewarding and enjoyable way to further your own professional goals!

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