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A leaky roof can happen after the structure of the roof has been compromised for quite some time, or a single storm finds its way inside your home. If you ever find water leaking from your ceiling, take immediate action to prevent further damage to your home. If you find a leak, stop or collect the water, call a roofing contractor, and maintain fixes to avoid further damage.

Stop or Collect the Water

The moment you detect a leak it is important to identify its source. If your leak is coming from a pipe, immediately shut off your water to prevent the extensive water damage that would otherwise occur. It is also important to retain the water into a specified location. Using a tarp will protect the floor of your home and other areas from damage. You can also collect your water in a bucket as a temporary measure until the problem is solved.

Call a Roofing Contractor

As soon as you have the water contained, it is important you call a roofing contractor to come look at your leak. If the leak happens during a big storm, it is likely they will have a long list of clients they need to take care of, the sooner you call them, the sooner you get the problem fixed. As with any professional you need to make sure they have the proper qualifications and skill set to help you. You should make sure your roofing contractors are licensed and insured before you hire them to do a job. This will protect you and your home if anything happens while they are doing repairs.

Maintain Fixes

While waiting for a roofing contractor, it is important to maintain the fixes, temporary or permanent that you have made. Running a dehumidifier will speed up the drying process and assist you in preventing mold growth. Throughout the year, you should check on your roof and perform general maintenance, so the overall structure is strong and holds itself against future leaks. Lose shingles, rotted wood, or clogged rain gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home when the next big storm comes.

A leaky roof can be an expensive repair if not handled appropriately. Avoid further damage to your home by collecting water, calling a contractor, and maintaining fixes. Doing so will make a single issue much easier to solve in the long run.

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