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Juggling the joys and stresses of parenthood with the work of a career can be an overwhelming task. As you search for a job that will allow you to do that juggling a bit more easily, consider the level of flexibility, the benefits and the independence of time that potential jobs offer! Look for professional jobs that will allow more freedom of time and more helpful resources for you and your kids.


Your kids have daily needs, school, extracurriculars, and lives that require time and attention on your part! A job that allows flexibility of schedule will open up your availability to be there when your kids need you. For example, positions that prioritize task completion over hours spent, or that offer opportunities for remote work, mean that you can work where and when you want or need to and tailor your daily schedule accordingly. In addition, companies that offer flexible work hours have shown increased levels of productivity, and are generally more efficient with their funding.


Look for a job that provides benefits for yourself and your family. This can include health insurance, disability insurance, 401K plans, vacation time or holiday breaks, and even paid time off. In addition, most employers provide dental insurance along with other medical benefits. These benefits can save you a significant amount of money on essential insurance plans that you would not have access to otherwise. Companies may also offer reimbursements on travel, phone use, and any extra expenses. Be aware of all the benefits you can take advantage of, so that you aren’t missing out on valuable resources for your kids.


Even with all the flexibility possible, it is extremely beneficial to have a job that you can “leave” at the workplace. Not having your job on your mind all the time is an incredibly valuable element to careers for the sake of your relationships with and availability for your children. Plus, parent-friendly jobs create a better balance of work and play by allowing you to compartmentalize those parts of your life and give your full attention to the things you value most. In interviews or through reviews, look into what potential employers expect of you in everyday tasks to figure out what kind of equilibrium of work life and home life you can create.

As you search for a job that will tailor well to your family needs, financial goals, and career dreams, you should also seek out those that help you put family first! You may have to compromise here and there, but a job that has any or all of these qualities will foster a better home life for you and your family.

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