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Thrift shopping is the perfect activity to find unique items, furnish your home, and stay environmentally friendly. What was once used by someone else can be brand new to you for a fraction of the original cost. Many homeowners underestimate the number of diamonds that can be uncovered while thrift shopping. This article will discuss ways you can give your home character and items you can get at a thrift store.

Wall Art

Current trends have a variety of frame types, sizes, and pieces on the wall of a home. You could go upscale and spend a lot of money to fit current trends. Or you could find very similar and likely just as valuable items for a significantly lower price tag. Most thrift store inventory is ubiquitous prints, word art, and wine by numbers. But there are always diamonds to find in the stacks of frames. You can always paint or change out the artwork in the frames to better match your home aesthetic.


Thrift shops are great places to find whole sets of dishes for as little as $20. At a thrift store, you can also go for the coordinating but not matching aesthetic by looking for similar pieces. Mismatched dishes add a homey and cozy vibe to your kitchen. You can find many pieces for your kitchen at a thrift store, but be aware that some dishware should only be bought new. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the greater sense of calm if a dish does break; there is no need to worry because you didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on the dish.


As with most other home decorating elements, vintage lighting is in style. Purchasing brand new or truly vintage lighting can be expensive. However, there are some amazing finds that are often overlooked that you can get at a thrift store. Most thrift stores have multiple outlets in their lighting section. This is intentional so you can test the lamp before taking it home. When looking for floor lamps, you may have to go multiple times as floor lamps tend to be less common at thrift stores. But lamp bases are almost always in stock. Give your lamp a bit of a clean and add a new shade to give it a natural place in your home.


One of the most amazing things about buying furniture at thrift stores is that you can turn it into anything you want. The key to finding good furniture is looking for items that have “good bones”. Make sure the materials are high quality. Take care of your furniture according to its materials needs. For example, you should keep wood furniture out of the sun to prevent damage to it. With a little creativity and effort, old furniture can be repurposed into something new. A rickety old nightstand can look like a designer piece with a little paint and elbow grease.


Part of the value of books depends on its demand and desirability. When books go out of print, their desirability significantly increases. It can become almost impossible to find a copy of your favorite classic. Classic books of all genres find their way into thrift stores. Most of the time the person who donates their book doesn’t even realize what they are giving away. Books can be a great decorative piece and educational piece in your home. Look for books written by well-known authors, first editions, first prints, books in great condition, and special editions to truly maximize the value of the books you purchase.


Kids outgrow toys quickly. One month they are into trains, the next it’s cars. They can also quickly get over older toys they once loved because they are too “big” for them! With the quick cycle your kid goes through toys, it can feel like a waste purchasing new toys so often. Purchasing toys at a thrift store is an economical way of providing toys for your children. Just because something was loved once, doesn’t mean it can’t be loved again. You certainly want to disinfect the toys you bring home, but you will find their enjoyment and cost much more compatible.

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal décor is another category that can often feel wasteful. These items only come out once a year and remain hidden for the rest of it. Purchasing seasonal décor at thrift stores is a year-long endeavor. Keep your eyes open for Christmas, Easter, and Fall decorations all year long. You can get uniquely personalized items that add character and cheerfulness to your home without breaking the bank.

Shopping at a thrift store is a lot like a treasure hunt. You won’t always find something, but when you do it will be a hidden gem. Give your home character by shopping for home items that you can get at a thrift store.

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