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The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year. People are kinder, more generous, and it offers a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation to those around you. And one of the most established traditions of the holiday season is gift giving. But gift giving can easily become a huge expense, and this expense can make it difficult for many to give the gifts they want. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few ways that you can save money during your holiday shopping this year.

Use Coupons

Coupons are basically free money. When you use coupons to save money on your holiday shopping, you are honestly just manifesting additional money, and making the holiday season less expensive for you. Look online and check in-store flyers for coupons on items from electronics to wine and cheese. If you can’t find a good gift with a coupon, then you aren’t looking hard enough. Search far and wide, you will be blown away by all the options and variety that there is amongst coupons out there during the holiday season.

Look For Holiday Deals

If you aren’t finding any specific coupons that are speaking out to you, then you should look for specific holiday deals. Around the holidays, many stores and retailers participate in holiday deal days, where almost everything in their stores is on a steep discount for the holiday season. This is a great time to buy almost anything, including mattresses. Mattress deals can last far into the holidays starting around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Look online or ask a store associate in person when they are anticipating having their holiday sales and plan your shopping accordingly, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Make Gifts at Home

Another great way to save money with holiday shopping is to make gifts at home when you can. While this isn’t always doable for every present you hope to give, sometimes doing a little something homemade special can help you save some money here and there on fluff items that you don’t need. Making CD’s, a painting, a handwritten card, or a scrapbook are all great and thoughtful homemade gifts that your loved ones are going to cherish.

Holiday season means gift giving season which means shopping season. And the cost of holiday season shopping can very quickly add up if you’re not careful. Try these three tips to help you save some money on your holiday shopping this year.

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