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There is no room in your home that gets more use or is more important than your kitchen. Which means that the design maintenance and renovations that you do to your kitchen or some of the most important aspects of homemade it’s an improvement that you will perform on your home. Not only is your kitchen the most used space in the home, but it is also a space that can increase the value of your home exponentially if you know what to do. Here are a few expert tips to help you plan your kitchen remodel to get the most bang for your buck and the most use out of your newly renovated kitchen.

Keep Your Costs Down

The first expert tip to help you plan your kitchen remodel is a guiding principle that will help you immensely, keep your costs down. With any home renovation, particularly those to your kitchen, you want to keep the cost as low as possible. This will help you with your return on investment, adding more value to your home than money you spent. Some great ways to keep your costs down when redesigning your kitchen are to focus on quality materials and build rather than brands. It is more important that you have high quality material than a brand name.

Carefully Consider Your Options

The next thing that you should do when planning your kitchen remodel is to carefully consider your options. There are a lot of choices when it comes to a kitchen remodel, from small design choices and details to the major elements of your kitchen. Making the right decisions is essential to having a workable, beautiful, and valuable kitchen. For instance, many people assume that adding a kitchen island is always a good idea. But a kitchen island may cause more problems than it solves. Make sure that you are making choices that work for your kitchen and your situation.

Use the Kitchen Triangle

The final tip to help you plan your kitchen remodel is to use the kitchen triangle plan. This has been a design plan that has existed for kitchens for over 100 years, and no one has been able to come up with a better plan since. The kitchen triangle simply dictates that your fridge stove and sink should form a triangle with no side smaller than four feet or larger than 9 feet away. This helps create a workflow between the most essential appliances in your kitchen, while also providing enough space for each to have its own space.

Kitchen remodels are very exciting. but you must know what you’re doing to get the most bang for your buck. Follow these three tips to ensure that your kitchen remodel goes as well as possible and gives you the greatest return on your investment.

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