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RESTOP™ 2 Wilderness Kit – 5 Quantity Individually Packaged Portable Toilet Leak Proof Waste Bags Inside of 1 Mesh Tote – Waste Bags Are For Solid (Poop) and Liquid (Pee)

Price: $22.00

Color: Blue
Model: RS2W
Warranty: 31 Day Free Menufacturer


  • TOILETRIES INCLUDED: The RESTOP 2 Wilderness Kit contains 5 RS2 Solid and Liquid Waste packages with a mesh tote to “pack it in/pack it out”. Each unit includes 1 portable toilet waste bag, an ample supply of toilet paper, & 1 wipe.
  • SEALS IN WASTE AND CONTAINS ODORS: The RESTOP 2 (RS2) utilizes a patented “bag within a bag” heavy gauge design to safely contain up to 32 ounces of liquid or solid human waste. The RS2 has a triple barrier bag design and zip-lock closure to ensure added protection from leakage and odors.
  • SANITARY: Our proprietary blend of polymers and enzymes gels immediately and begins breaking down the waste. Waste is then rendered inert and deodorized. Safe to discard in any trash receptacle upon completion of use. More sanitary to use than a porta-potty toilet.
  • CONVENIENT ANYWHERE: The RESTOP 2 Wilderness Kit is ideal for “pack it in, pack it out” designated areas. The user-friendly drawstring inner waste bag easily folds into the outer bag and can then be discarded into any trash receptacle. Great to use as a portable toilet on road-trips, in marathons, on fishing trips, while camping, at concerts (skip the portapotty), or when you’re on a hike. Use with or without a portable commode, travel toilet, or camping toilet.
  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Made of non-toxic materials makes it safe to be used by men, women, and children. The RESTOP 2 meets state requirements for landfill disposal. 10 year minimum shelf life used bags safe for disposal in the trash after use.

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