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The reality of life here in the United States is that a car is a necessity pretty much wherever you live. Having a car is essential for reliable, efficient, and safe transportation to and from work, school, activities, services, businesses, and entertainment. But with car prices having soared out of control in the past few years, buying a new car can be daunting or impossible. Luckily, you don’t need to buy new to get a new car for your family to use. Here are a few alternatives to buying to get a new family car.

Buy a Used Car

The first way that you can get a new family car without buying new is buying a used car. While a used car won’t exactly be “new” it will be new to you and your family, and if transportation is key for you, then having a used car at an affordable price is better than no car at all. Used cars are a great option that can save you all sorts of money. New cars depreciate in value in a way that used cars don’t lose value as fast. Getting a used car can be a major cost saver for your family.

Lease a Car

Another way that you can get a new family car without buying new Is by leasing a car. Cars are a lot of responsibility to own and are a major investment. If you don’t have to deal with the huge upfront costs of buying a car and then owning, you can lease for a much lower overall cost, and stay in a newer car when it comes time to renew your lease. You need to at least have an acceptable credit score to lease a car. Avoid debt and don’t go crazy with credit cards if you want to lease.


 The final way that you can get a new family car without buying new is by trading-in your current vehicle at the dealership for a discount on a new or used car. While trading in your car might not be a solution for everyone, if you are looking to upgrade to a newer vehicle, then trading in can save you thousands of dollars. Ask your dealership if they offer trade-in deals.

Getting a new car can be out of reach financially for many people. But there are many ways to get a car without buying a new one. Consider these three methods to get a car without bothering with buying new.

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