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Rarely does one person stay in the same place their entire life. Whether you’re moving out of your college apartment, or your tenth home, there are some things in common in both processes. When you have to move in a hurry, the following tips can help you do so.

Find a Place to Rent

When you’re in a hurry to move, you may not have time to find your dream home in your new location. You could purchase a home on a whim, but this is risky and you could end up not finding any type of home you like. Instead of feeling stressed about finding the perfect home right away, rent a home for a while to give you a buffer. 

If you find a place to rent, you can continue to scope out homes in the area and find the one that is perfect for you. When you first decide to move, look for a place you can rent for a few months until you’re on your feet.

Sell Your Home

Another important step in moving in a hurry is to sell your home. If you’re still paying a mortgage on your old home, you may not be able to afford buying a new one. Selling your home gives you the financial freedom to move on and purchase a home somewhere else. However, there is no guaranteed timeline when selling your home. Even if your home’s in perfect condition in a great neighborhood, you may have to wait months for an offer. 

If you’re really in a hurry to move, consider selling your home for cash to a home buying company. Cash offers can help you close as quickly as one week if you’re in a rush. Selling your home for cash can also be beneficial because they purchase your home as-is, and even allow you to leave some unwanted furniture or trash behind. Selling your home to a home buying company is definitely the most stress-free way to sell your home in a hurry.

Pack Quickly

As soon as you decide to move, begin to pack. You don’t realize how many things you own until you have to pack them all into boxes, and this process is one of the lengthiest ones in the moving journey. Begin by packing up the things you don’t use every day, such as holiday decorations, books, coats, and more. Declutter as you go, so you’re consistently packing up areas of your home. This helps you stay on top of packing, but also helps potential buyers be able to better see themselves in your home. Depersonalizing the space can be a big help in getting a fast offer.


Moving is an inherently stressful process, and it becomes even more strenuous when you have to move in a hurry. No matter the reason for your move, you can do so in a hurry by following these tips. Get moving!

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