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Does your home seem dusty no matter how many times you clean surfaces? The collection of dust and debris in your home not only causes damage and aging but can also cause you to experience allergic reactions. 

Here are a few ways to effectively remove invisible dust from your home.

Vacuum Your Mattress

When you’re trying to clean dust from your home, one location that you might not think of looking at is your bed. However, lots of dust and dust mites can develop on your mattress over time. Even dead skin cells, hair, and other debris can make your mattress less sanitary to sleep on. Most recommendations say that you should be vacuuming your mattress every four to six months, depending on how often it is being used. 

You may want to vacuum your mattress more often if you struggle with allergies. When you’re cleaning your mattress, don’t soak it in liquids. Instead, remove the washable sheets and covers to be cleaned and focus on vacuuming your mattress instead. You don’t need a special vacuum to use on your mattress, but a handheld vacuum or upholstery cleaning attachment might make the task easier. 

Clean Your Floors

Next, make sure that you clean your floors to remove invisible dust from your home. You might notice when your tile or hardwood floors develop dust, but dust might not always be as evident on your carpet. It is important to clean all surfaces of your floor in your house. You should be cleaning and vacuuming your floors every week. 

Once every few weeks or months, a deep cleaning process can be helpful to eliminate more stubborn messes. Deep cleaning can help soften and extend the life of your carpet. If you don’t have the tools to deep clean your carpet yourself, there are many carpet cleaning companies that can provide you with that service. 

Clean Your Furniture

You should also focus on cleaning your furniture to remove invisible dust from your home. Dusting hard surfaces such as wooden furniture will be one of the easiest ways to see the dust in your home since it will be slightly more visible than in other locations. Dusting surfaces such as tables, shelves, counters, pianos, desks, and more can keep your house clean and dust-free. However, your other furniture pieces also need to be cleaned and dusted from time to time. Even your couches can develop a lot of dust and debris over time, which can cause bacteria to grow and allergens to develop. Make sure that you use the appropriate cleaners to clean your furniture, particularly if it is upholstery.

So, if you’ve been trying to make your home cleaner, remember these ways to remove invisible dust from your home. You should vacuum your mattress, clean your floors, and clean your furniture, in addition to other tasks. This will help your home to be a more sanitary, healthy environment.

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