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Clorox Fraganzia Air Care Air Freshener Crystal Beads in Lavender with Eucalpytus Scent Scent, 12 Ounces | Lavender Eucalyptus Scented Air Freshener Gel Beads from Clorox Fraganzia for Car or Home

Price: $4.99 ($0.42 / Fl Oz)

Color: Lavender
Model: BB0150

Brand: Clorox


  • DID YOU KNOW? You can freshen any room without sprays or plugs? This container of Clorox Fraganzia gel beads air freshener includes 12 ounces, which is enough scented beads to keep your home or car smelling fresh
  • SOFT LAVENDER EUCALYPTUS FRAGRANCE – Air freshening beads in the irresistible Lavender Eucalyptus crystals scent will enhance your car, bedroom, bathroom, or living room with a subtle, fresh fragrance
  • EASY TO USE CLOROX FRAGANZIA BEADS – To use these scented air freshener beads, simply unscrew the lid and remove the seal. Then peel off the top label. When done, screw vented lid back in place. Say hello to fresh air anywhere
  • NO MORE MYSTERY SCENTS – Sometimes you’re just not sure where exactly that smell is coming from but you want it out. Clorox Fraganzia air freshener beads can help alleviate that subtle stench that just won’t go away no matter what you do
  • CLOROX AIR FRESHENER BEADS – Clorox Fraganzia air freshener crystal gel beads inject an scented freshness into any room, giving your home an instant scent makeover without stick up air fresheners or air freshener sprays

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