Family Vacation to Cancun? 3 Tips for Balancing Fun and Fees

Family Vacation to Cancun? 3 Tips for Balancing Fun and Fees

Traveling to Cancun can be an affordable adventure when it’s done right. Before you embark on your journey to paradise, be sure to keep these three tips in mind so that you are able to balance all of the fun with the associated fees.

Pick Your Time Wisely

Choosing to visit Cancun during off-peak times will boost the chances that you get a good deal on lodging and airline tickets. While being located near the equator means that weather tends to be fairly consistent all year, there is an increase in humidity and precipitation during the summer, which means that summer is the most affordable time to visit Cancun. The late summer and early fall are also inexpensive times to visit as families head back to school. The most expensive time of the year to visit is over the winter holiday season.

Check for Deals

It is easier to find a great deal on a vacation package to Cancun if you know where to look and when to begin the search process. The earlier that you book your package, the more likely that you will be able to score a great deal. If you are a member of Costco, be sure to check out their vacation packages. Groupon is also a good source for deals on local activities and restaurants. Auction websites. such as Sky Auction. may also deliver you an outstanding deal if you know exactly what you are looking for and what constitutes an affordable vacation for you.

Know What You Want

While many travelers swear by the convenience and pricing of an all-inclusive resort, this type of accommodation might not always yield the biggest cost savings. If you plan on spending time exploring the environs of Cancun, you might not get your money’s worth out of an all-inclusive stay. This is also true if you want to experience the flavor of the local off-site restaurants and bars. Conversely, if you plan on lounging around the resort for the majority of the vacation, then all of the food, drinks and included activities of an all-inclusive resort might save you money. 

In the end, it is important to understand your vacation style so that you stretch your dollar the most. With the right research and planning, you can get the most for your money while still taking advantage of all that Cancun has to offer. Prioritizing your needs and preferences will provide a guiding framework as you plan your Cancun vacation.

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First Time Vacationing Far Away From Home? Here’s How to Save the Most

First Time Vacationing Far Away From Home? Here’s How to Save the Most

Taking your family on vacation takes a lot of planning and may be hard on your budget. However, by planning to go in the off-season and figuring out the cheapest mode of transport, you can plan a trip that’s both fun and frugal.

Time It Carefully

A trip to a national park can be both fun and thrifty, but you’ll need to schedule it carefully to avoid sharing your vacation time with everyone else’s vacation times. Additionally, many people want to avoid weather extremes. For example, a trip to Yellowstone may be private in the winter months, but you will be facing snow and hazardous driving conditions. If you need to travel when the kids are out of school, you’ll find lower rates on rental spaces if you avoid summer holidays such as July 4th.

Rent Smart

How will you get to your destination? Renting a car or van is a thrifty way to travel with many kids, but not all rentals are family friendly. Some rental companies, such as RV rental companies, won’t rent to you if you’re under 25 years old. When setting up your budget for travel and affordable family fun, be sure to check any age restrictions to get your rental vehicle scheduled. If you’re young there will be a surcharge to rent a vehicle, while or you may not be able to rent at all depending on the state.

Put Your Club Memberships to Work

If you’ve got a Costco or Sam’s Club card, you can get competitive car rental quotes from either of these entities while saving money on bulk purchases. If you want to fly, check out credit cards from Delta and American Airlines. If you have a large purchase to make with money in the bank, you can capitalize on bonus credit card miles, pay off the card and use the miles. Be sure to study the fine print on miles blackouts or limitations. Some mile bonus plans only require a one-way trip, so if you want to rent a car when you reach your destination for a return trip, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Family travel is always memorable and a great way to spend both quantity and quality time with your family. Can you invite another adult along on your family trip to help defray costs and control kids? Having another adult on board gives you another driver as well as more company.

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