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It’s something you knew was coming but were never really prepared for: the day you begin to teach your teen how to drive. Understandably, this can be one of the most exciting yet challenging times in both of your lives, so it’s necessary to get things right. As you begin the process of teaching your teenager how to drive, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Rules of the Road

When your teenager is about to learn how to drive or has already gotten their driver’s permit, there are a few ground rules that you mist established first. First, you must establish the rules in order to avoid any conflict during the actual driving lesson. Laying these out before leaving the driveway can provide them with expectations and little to no surprises. According to Brauns Law, in preparation for your teen learning to drive, they should study the driving materials. You can quiz your child to ensure they know the proper rules of the road before they go out driving for the first time. Some of these can include asking them a question such as, “Should you use your phone to change a song?” or, “Can you turn left on a red light?”

Vehicle Privileges

Most teenagers don’t own their own car and often will use their family’s car instead. However, even if they do own their own car, you should still make sure that driving is not a right but a privilege. You can instill this into your teen by setting up some rules. One is that you, the parent, always have control of the car keys. This means they must always ask you to borrow the car when they want to use it. Secondly, they should also adhere to certain rules that may not be illegal but can help you establish your authority. These may include always having an adult present, not driving on high-speed roads and nor driving through bad weather. Also, make sure they know never to allow one of their friends to drive the car without permission from you.

Set the Example

Teenagers are very observant about everything they see around them. This is why they often get into trouble. When a parent tells them not to do something but then they see that parent doing that very thing, it provides the teen with an excuse to break the rules. Therefore, when you are driving with your teenager, it is important to always follow your own rules, according to Top Driver. This means not answering that work call and remembering to wait until a stoplight to change the music. These moments are crucial and should be taken seriously the next time your teenage driver is present with you.

Teaching your teenager how to drive for the first time is a very challenging experience for both parties involved. Not only is there the possibility of conflict, but all the important topics you want to cover may simply go in one ear and out the other. This is why it is imperative to research what you’re going to say and do prior to getting into your car.

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