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Sweet and savoury dishes using one of summer’s favourite fruits.

Summer eating is all about fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients and there’s nothing better than using in-season fruit and vegetables as the basis of our dishes.

One of the most refreshing and healthy fruits of summer is the South African red grapefruit, which is naturally sweeter and does not require sugar. Grapefruit is also hugely versatile and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes, thanks to the number of varieties of the fruit now available in the UK.

In the following video chef and author Sophie Michell shows you how to create a delicious fennel, chicken and grapefruit summer salad, using South African star ruby grapefruit, sure to impress whoever you’re cooking for.

For more information and to hear about how you can take part in a ‘Grapefruit Challenge’ by eating a grapefruit a day for two weeks to see how eating the fruit can help you lose weight and boost your energy and concentration levels, please visit: (which will be live from the end of June).

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