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😉 “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” – Curled lashes and trendy insta-brows ready to #slay the day. With our professional eyelash perm kit, say goodbye to your eyelash curler and wasting precious time to make your lashes & brows look poppin’. This eyelash lift kit also works as a brow lamination kit. Wake up today looking and feeling like your favorite dream girls.

✨NOURISHING KERATIN FORMULA – Looking for an eyelash lift kit that not only effectively lifts but also protects your lashes? Our one-of-a-kind KERATIN-infused formula is designed to specifically keep them strong, nourished, and non-crusty. Gentle on the eye area so even the most sensitive skin can enjoy it.

🥰FABU-LASH-LY ON FLEEK, ON A BUDGET. With Beauty Goodies’ 2-in-1 lash lift and brow lamination kit, you’ll get a salon-like look without spending $$$. Comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and all the necessary tools you need to perm lashes and laminate brows at home. You will be in full control of what works best and what accentuates your beautiful features.

⏱️WORKS WONDERS IN JUST MINUTES! Unlike other old-formula eyelash kit in the market, our new and improved quick-dry lash lift solutions cut the perming time in HALF – now that’s a time saver if you asked us. Non-goopy means easier fixing and application. Perfect for an impromptu night out with friends and surprise date nights. At-home DIY just got a lot more fun!

🎉YOU GET WAY MORE FOR WHAT YOU PAID FOR – Beauty Goodies’ lash perm kit is proven to effectively lift lashes and eyebrows are on fleek for 8-12 weeks – saving you all those trips to the salon. Works great on all types of lashes from short & fine to long & thick. Loved by salons & beauty professionals.

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