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EVERYBOT ‘Three-Spin’, The Ultimate Robot Mop for All Kinds of Hard Floor Care and Cleaning with Triple Spinning Mop Discs Controlled by Remote Control

Price: $379.00

Color: Black
Model: TS300
Warranty: 12month.


  • Silent: With only 43dB operation noise level, it feels like quiet whispering.
  • Powerful: Its own 4.4lb weight directly presses the floor through ‘No-Wheel’ structure. Besides continuously turning 3 powerful mop discs create high friction on the floor for extra clean effect.
  • Durable: With 2,150mAh high capacity battery keeps the robot working more than 120min and 300ml large water tank automatically supplies water to the mops not to dry while its operation time.
  • Smart: 11 smart sensors are surrounding the robot for anti-collision and fall prevention. Also through ESA system, robot does not power off in a ‘hard to find’ place such as under the furniture or dark shades.
  • Elaborate: 3 protruded mops would be touched to the wall and obstacles prior to its main body. That makes available detailed cleaning even corners and edges more detailed besides it minimizes bumping noise.
  • Easy & Convenient: There are 7 cleaning modes on remote control and immediately starts cleaning with single touch button. No more ‘Study’ to operate this robot mop.
  • Sleek & Stylish: Received 2 international design awards RedDot & iF through its ergonomically effective and neat design. The stylish triangle shape reminds a cute and sleek pebble.

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